Our Church Staff

Rev. Doug Hoffman,  Senior Pastor

Dear Members, Friends, and Neighbors of John Wesley UMC,

I am Doug Hoffman, and it is a great joy to greet you, and it is an honor to be the pastor here at John Wesley United Methodist Church. I am so excited about the prospects for our ministry together at this history-rich church, with its legacy of service and mission in the very heart of Hagerstown. I cherish the opportunity to serve such a devoted congregation and such a diverse community. My family is also excited about our new adventure!

My beautiful wife, Donna, and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of our first date this past March and will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary in September. Donna and I have two awesome kids. Our son, Cory, is 18 and just graduated from Berkeley Springs (WV) High School with a certificate in Masonry from the James Rumsey Technical Institute. Our daughter, Calleigh, is 14 and will begin her high school adventure this fall here in Hagerstown. She is a gifted creative writer and is last year’s Morgan County (WV) winner of a state writing competition. Our family also includes our two beloved dogs: Reeses, our beautiful, elder stateswoman Border Collie; and Ranger, our Husky-Malamute mix, affectionately (and accurately) nicknamed “Big Baby” by my wife.

I bring 28 years of pastoral experience with me to John Wesley, and what I’ve learned from it all blesses my ministry daily. I am always growing, and I love to learn. I love the adventure of making and growing disciples among the congregation and from fellowship and outreach with our neighbors. John Wesley UMC is her people, and each new day offers more opportunity to know them better and shepherd them into growing faithfulness in their walks with Almighty God and with our Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to how my service here at John Wesley will shape me and my family.

I have been blessed to serve a great variety of churches. I began in East Baltimore City, and then moved onto Reisterstown in Baltimore County, then to Howard County, to Carroll County, to the mountains of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, and now to downtown Hagerstown.

Through all my years of ministry, I have enjoyed all aspects of pastoral ministry. I love being a pastor. I especially enjoy leading worship, my teaching ministry, youth ministry, small group ministry, and missions. I enjoy people and love sharing my discipleship growth with the discipleship growth of others. The discovery and nurture of our gifts and graces for ministry is truly a wonder to behold and to share. It is exciting to watch and experience how Jesus’ Great Commission to “make disciples” can come to life!

I was born and raised in Baltimore. During my entire childhood, my father organized and directed as a layperson a creative and effective youth ministry in Baltimore’s Pimlico community. My father’s ministry was our family’s ministry. That experience, together with my urban ministry training in seminary and my first appointment in East Baltimore, have given me a heart for city ministry. As I enjoy getting to know the good people of John Wesley, I will also enjoy getting to know Hagerstown, and especially the downtown community that John Wesley calls home.

Stephen Pompa, Director of Music/Organist

Stephen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from Appalachian State University and a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from James Madison University. He also has a Master of Science Degree in Music Education from Shenandoah University and is working on a music production certificate from Berklee College of Music. Stephen is originally from Dothan, Alabama.  He currently resides in Washington County and also works as the chorus teacher at Western Heights Middle School. While spending family time with his wife Stephanie and their children, Stephen enjoys barbecuing, cooking, the outdoors, Alabama Crimson Tide football, and all things music related.

Sheila Collins, Director of Christian Education

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Karen Stamper, Church Secretary