Binding Stitches Peacemakers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABinding Stitches Peacemakers meet monthly to sew and enjoy fellowship.  You do not need to be an experienced quilter to join nor do you need to be a member of this church.  There’s always room for another hand, so feel free to come to our next get-together and get your creative juices flowing!



The Binding Stitches Peacemakers group is about to begin a new project!  As you look forward to Spring and see that the blanket that kept you warm in the past is less beautiful than it used to be, we offer you the opportunity to give it a new life (resurrection).  We are ready to begin making lap quilts using some of the lovely fabrics which we have received from many of you.  Now we would like to receive some used light weight blankets which would be suitable for the quilt filling.  These blankets will not be seen but they will be a ble to continue their warming journey and usefulness within these little blankets.  We have other ideas of ways that you all will be able to participate in this project in the future.  We promise you have the necessary skills and that you will enjoy the opportunity they will offer.  This is another way that the John Wesley family will be able to share their love.

If you have a blanket that you would like to donate, there is a box on the table along the wall outside the Wesleyan Room labeled for this purpose.  Thank you for sharing and adding a much needed warm cover for someone who just might feel a chill in the air as they sit in a wheelchair or rest in their recliner.

If you have any questions, please contact either Barbara D or Carole K.

Some Binding Stitches creations…..



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