Clothing Collection

Items are being collected to make winter less of a challenge for the clients of It’s A Blessing to Be A Blessing.  Please collect your unused cold weather clothing and begin bringing it to church on November 14.  They especially need clothing for men and women such as sweat shirts and sweat pants, washable sweaters, coats, hats, gloves and boots.  There is always a need for food items and laundry and paper products.  Each Thursday they serve lunch to 50 to 100 people from the neighborhood.  Their mission is amazing!
Our support can equal it if we all share just a bit of our bounty.  We will continue to accept items any time.  The need is great and always there.  We have love to share; a perfect match.  The clothing box in the chapel can be used for clothing items after our initial collection and the baskets can be filled in the hall as we have in the past.  Let’s show that we can be a blessing to this caring group.
Thank you in advance from the people who will receive our shared items and our love.


“If there is among you a poor man,
one of your brethren in any of the towns
which the Lord your God gives you,
you shall not harden your heart
or shut your hand against your poor
brother, but you shall open your hand
to give him sufficient for his need,
whatever it may be.”  
 – Deuteronomy 15:7-8