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 November 20, 2016 
“Following the Servant King”


 2 Corinthians 8:1-5
Mark 10:42-45


Sunday, 11/20/2016 , has the potential to be a “stimulus overload” Sunday! There a four themes that could be emphasized this week . . . .

Theme 1 – It is the last Sunday of the Christian liturgical year.  The next Sunday, 11/27/16, is the first Sunday of Advent, the time when we prepare for the birth of the savior on Christmas day.  This is the beginning of the Christian liturgical year.

Theme 2 – This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday when Christians celebrate the risen Christ as the king of creation, the One who brings meaning and purpose to our lives.  Christ is celebrated as our savior and our Lord. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

Theme 3 – It is also the Sunday before Thanksgiving, a time when we reflect on the blessings that are ours as the people of God and as a nation founded to promote the Biblical beliefs of liberty and justice for all.

Theme 4 – This also happens to be the Sunday in which we at John Wesley UMC present our pledges to the working of our church for the next year. We believe that the church is the body of Christ serving and witnessing to our Lord in the world around us.  If we really believe in this concept then we really need to live out this belief by financially supporting our church to make our ministry vibrant and alive.

As I have been reflecting on these four themes during the recent weeks I have begun to see that they represent four “responses” that follow sequentially when a person has come to the end of an amazing journey or a wonderful vacation experience.

On the last day of our vacation at the beach, Lauri and I spend quiet time that last evening sitting on the beach and watching the starts grow bright in the sky.  We reflect on the new year ahead of us and all the possibilities it might bring. One year is ending and another is beginning for us.

We then reflect on the past year and what we have learned and experienced. We recall the trials and struggles of the year but we focus on the joys and positive experiences which have strengthened our love. God is love, Christ is King!

In spite of the many trials and tribulations we have faced, God has led us through the wilderness of the past year and we pause on that dark and peaceful beach to offer thanksgiving to our Lord for holding us together and being with us on our journey.

Finally, we hold hands and pledge our love to one another that we will support each other in our journey of life.

Come join us this last Sunday of the church year to affirm Christ as King and to give thanks for our blessings as we pledge to support the living body of Christ as John Wesley UMC!



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