Parish Nurse News

Also called “Faith Community Nursing”, this is a specialized practice of nursing which promotes understanding of whole person (mind, body, and spirit) health and wellness, and  provides disease prevention services. There is an emphasis on spiritual care. These services are provided by a registered nurse with educational preparation in wholistic ministry, and who provides health promotion services within a faith community. The goal of the Faith Community Nurse is to assist individuals in gaining optimal mental,  physical, and spiritual health by complementing the ministry provided by our pastor and other lay ministers. 



We’ve talked about the mind/body/spirit connection, but how about the “spirit of giving”? Did you know that doing something nice for someone less fortunate can increase your own self esteem?  It makes you feel good  about yourself to help and to do for others with no expectations of self gain. The word GIVING, which is usually thought of as an action word,  I see also as an emotion.  It can produce a feeling of joy and happiness.

Giving to the children less fortunate in our elementary schools, so they are not hungry, exemplifies the “spirit of giving”.  Our church family has been given the wonderful opportunity to help 15 children by donating to our Micah’s Backpack pantry which we must keep stocked with food so we can fill those backpacks every week for our 15 kids. That’s 15 backpacks! Lots of food goes out every week from the pantry. This year we will give out over 2300 fruit cups alone!

How can you help quickly and easily?  You may want to give  cash or a check made to JWUMC with a designation to Micah’s Backpacks. Place it in an envelope and drop it in the offering plate any Sunday or mail to the church. Then our “buyers” can go to the grocery store and get what is needed. There is also a desperate need right now for soup (any kind), small cans of chicken, Vienna sausage, and Hormel Completes. There is a table upstairs in the hallway outside our pantry room for you to drop off your food donations. I want to emphasize this is an ongoing program which will require our CONTINUOUS giving by our congregation throughout the school year.

So there you have it!  Proverbs 3:27 sums it up well:  “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” Our JWUMC family has the power to do it. The “spirit of giving” is in every one of us.


Yours in Faith and Health,
Sherry F., RN,BC