Micah’s Backpack

SchoolBusBackpackWhat is Micah’s Backpack?  Micah’s Backpack addresses children’s hunger issues by partnering with local schools to provide direct assistance to students and families who qualify for a free or reduced lunch program.  Every Friday during the school year, the identified students receive a backpack filled with food for the weekend.  The backpacks include two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners.  Volunteers pack the backpacks and the partner schools distribute the backpacks to the students.

This year, John Wesley United Methodist Church is teaming with Potomac Heights Elementary School and Ruth Monroe Primary School to provide food.  Food and monetary donations are always welcome.  Click HERE to see the list of needed foods. The old Pastor’s Study has been converted to the Micah’s Backpack food pantry. Stop by Sunday and check it out!  If you would like to help pack or deliver backpacks please contact the church office.  Won’t you please help feed a hungry child?

Note:  Over 10,000 children in Washington County Public Schools receive free or reduced lunches and for many this is their only hot meal of the day. 


What’s the Latest News on Micah’s Backpack?

WOW – the food has been flying off the shelves in the Micah’s Backpack room! Since the first of November we have packed and delivered 60 two day backpacks and 65 three day backpacks. That means that we just distributed 125 boxes of cereal, 125 packages of Poptarts, 65 breakfast bars and 315 cartons of milk or juice – and that’s just breakfast. Then there’s lunch and dinner with all the cans of soup and vegetables, the macaroni and cheese, the snacks and the fruit cups. We can’t forget the fruit cups – all 630 fruit cups!

This was only possible because of each and every one of you!

Thank you all for your continued support with the generous food and monetary donations.

May You All Have a Very Blessed 2018!


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United Methodist Women


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